The perfect add-on 

Our beautiful accessories extend the variety of possible exercises perfectly. 

All our accessories are manufactured in and around Munich, in small family businesses. 


STIL-FIT Lat-Pull unit

With the optional Lat-Pull unit* the functionality of the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer is extended significatly.

You can specifically and precisely exercise your back, shoulders and your Core. You can also train your biceps and triceps using various accessories.

The STIL-FIT Lat-Pull unit is the perfect extension for the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer for a ideal full-body workout.

*The unit is mounted on the frame of the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer. No wall-installation is required.


The STIL-FIT Latbar made of solid wood is the ideal accessory for the STIL-FIT Lat-Pull unit. It allows for effective and varied exercises for the entire upper body.

Width: 124cm * Weight: approx. 1.5kg * Handle diameter: 3.5cm * Swivel: stainless steel

STIL-FIT Latzugstange aus Walnussholz

STIL-FIT Latbar /// Walnut wood

Price: 285,- EUR

STIL-FIT Latzugstange aus Holz (Schwarz)

STIL-FIT Latbar / Ash wood (black)

Price: 265,- EUR

STIL-FIT Biceps / Triceps Bar

The STIL-FIT biceps / triceps bar is the ideal accessory for intensive arm exercises. The swivel enables a healthy wrist position at any angle.

Width: 50cm * Weight: approx. 560g * Handle diameter: 3.5cm * Swivel: stainless steel

STIL-FIT Bizeps / Trizeps Stange aus Walnussholz

STIL-FIT Biceps / Triceps Bar // Walnut Wood

Price: 175,- EUR

STIL-FIT Bizeps / Trizeps Stange aus Holz (Schwarz)

STIL-FIT Biceps / Triceps Bar // Ash wood (black)

Price: 165,- EUR

STIL-FIT Chop bar

The STIL-FIT Chop bar allows a variety of additional exercises on the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer. The cables can be attached at both ends or only at one end – depending on the exercise.

Width: 106cm * Weight: approx. 1.3 / Handle diameter: 3.5cm * End pieces: stainless steel

STIL-FIT Chopbar aus Walnussholz

STIL-FIT Chop bar / Walnut wood

Price: 195,- EUR

STIL-FIT Chopbar aus Holz (Schwarz)

STIL-FIT Chop bar / Ash wood (black)

Price: 185,- EUR